Manuplex manufacture, supply and install premium steel frames for residential and commercial construction.

Steel is the perfect material to build with in Central Queensland – it’s strong, easy to use and can withstand the elements.

Our Rockhampton-based workshop supplies steel framing for the equivalent of 200 homes per year.

Manuframe Steel Framing

Steel framing solutions


Manuframe is available direct-to-builders, anywhere in regional Queensland. Our workshop can produce steel frame walls, ceilings, roof trusses, floor joists and beams, in conjunction with your design for the home. Our four leading-edge Scottsdale rollformers produce truss, 70mm, 90mm  and 140mm frames exactly to specification, with very minimal wastage. We then deliver to your site – at a fraction of the cost of getting the same product shipped from Brisbane.

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Struggling with wait times for traditional timber frames? Ask your builder about Manuframe – a steel framing solution that’s made to order and made to last.

When you choose steel framing, you’re choosing a strong, lightweight solution that gives your forever home a strong start. Manufactured right here in Central Queensland, you’ll be surprised at how quick a steel frame is to order and construct.

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Our steel frames aren’t just for homes – steel frames are a perfect solution in commercial construction as well. Manuplex uses steel framing in our modular constructions, but they’re ideal for industrial or commercial buildings, and can be produced exactly to order.

Your construction could be quicker than you ever imagined.

Our workshop meets the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management – so you know you’re getting a quality product. We’re proud members of Master Builders and fully QBCC licensed.

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Why choose steel framing?

Our steel framing is designed, built and constructed for regional Queensland.

Steel is a superior construction material, with the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any load-bearing building material. There’s no need for termite protection, so these two factors alone make steel the perfect solution for Queensland construction.

Working with steel is much easier and faster to use on site than other building materials like timber. Light gauge steel will not rot or warp and doesn’t expand or contract with moisture, so it will always fit perfectly to design specifications and measurements.

Steel frames can be computer-modelled and pre-fabricated off-site – an important consideration if access and storage space on-site are project constraints. Transport and delivery can be timed to meet critical path requirements, with frames slotting into place exactly as needed. Construction is simplified and streamlined.

Overall, steel represents outstanding long-term value for investment. Designed and manufactured for strength, safety and durability, a steel building will go the distance without maintenance costs, no matter the climate or environment. And at end-of-life, steel is fully recyclable.

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