The Manucan is a pumpable, lightweight secondary roof support.

It’s quick and easy to install in any underground context. Plus it’s safe and effective, with over 5,000 units already installed across Queensland and NSW.


Feature summary

  • Only 50kg: lightweight and easy to handle, plus transportable on existing underground equipment
  • Rapid installation: up to 4 Manucans per pumping hour
  • Proven to control roof convergence and floor heave
  • Able to deliver variable tonnage
  • Safe to install, either with our experienced crews or your team
  • Trusted across Australia, with over 5,000 units already installed

A safe, effective roof support

Here’s why the Manucan is the ideal roof support solution:

  • Safely installed from the ground – no repetitive movement, working under loads or at heights
  • Quickly installed – up to 4 per hour, twice as fast as other secondary support cans
  • Long-lasting – plastic composition and grout fill for longevity, even in areas where water is present
  • Adaptable – telescoping to heights up to 3.8m

Plus, the Manucan is an Australian-designed, manufactured and installed product, with full ISO9001 quality compliance.

A full solution with Manuplex Hi-Pak High Yield Grout

Hi-Pak 2P is a cement-based two pack high yield grout, developed by Manuplex.

It’s the fill for our Manucans, and it produces exceptional strength at high water to powder ratios.

Hi-Pak can be pumped over 5000m, thanks to its two part system. This means less risk of pipe blockages, faster installations and a pump that can be located on the surface.

It won’t corrode or rot, it’s non-flammable and non-toxic. Plus it provides immediate roof support.

Where is the Manucan used?

  • Oaky Creek (QLD)
  • Grasstree (QLD)
  • Aquila (QLD)
  • Centennial Coal (NSW)