About Us

Founded in the Bowen Basin in 2011, Manuplex has developed unique capabilities as underground mining specialists.

In our first decade, we’ve formed valued partnerships with a wide range of clients. We currently operate across the mining, construction and defence sectors. We deliver excellence in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of steel and cement components and consumables, backed up by our experienced trade and innovative engineering staff.

Manuplex is proudly recognised by our clients and peers as an industry leader in safety, compliance, innovation and quality.

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10 years strong

Celebrating a decade of successful operation in 2021, Manuplex is known throughout Queensland for safety, efficiency and innovation.

In that time, we’ve worked with key clients like Glencore and Anglo American, forming long-term partnerships. We’ve helped Anglo American in their work to set up the world’s most technologically advanced underground mine at Aquila, and we’ve been selected to help Glencore improve safety outcomes through our Dustless system research and development.

We’ve worked across the Bowen Basin, and in 2020 we expanded to also offer services into the construction sector, working on military training grounds at the Shoalwater Bay project, across multiple precincts. Our construction teams have also worked with insurers to deliver remediation following major weather events.

Safety is our focus

Our teams are also the ones on the front lines, exposed to risk – so everything we do is about keeping them (and your teams) safe.

We proudly have a zero LTI rate, with over 4,000 days LTI-free.

We work according to our industry-standard accreditations and management systems, including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO45001 Health and Safety Management systems. We also comply with Environmental Management ISO14001.

We’re Master Builders members and QBCC-licensed.

Our staff are our strength

Manuplex’s team works across our Rockhampton factory location and our client sites, to bring site-savvy experience into our manufacturing and fabrication processes.

Our underground mining products and solutions push the boundaries of current technology. We’re constantly developing refinements and new innovations to ensure consistent best practice. Our staff are underground with your crews, delivering, installing and maintaining our equipment, so they understand what is safe and efficient, and how it can be improved.

With this in mind, we design, manufacture and build in the most cost- and time-effective way possible, consistently delivering an unsurpassed finished product.

Innovation is our legacy

Manuplex is at the forefront of dustless equipment research and development in the Bowen Basin, with products undergoing industry trials in partnership with major top-tier miners.

We’re the first to develop a dustless pump for underground operation, reducing airborne contaminants by up to 95%.

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