Our underground mining support services are trusted by top-tier miners on major Bowen Basin sites. We build long-term relationships based on our ability to identify site problems and engineer effective and safe products to minimise risk.

Our on-site support services are undertaken by our pre-qualified and inducted teams, with extensive underground experience.

Underground Support Services

Ventilation and Roof Support Services

Manuplex installs our full range of VCD components and consumables, with our site-inducted teams ready to start work.

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We also provide rib and strata support consumables, including bolts, plasters, shotcrete, grouts and our industry-leading Manucan roof support.

We can design a full strata support system, then follow through with the installation, testing and certification.

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Longwall Support Services

It’s rare to find a contractor that can do it all – but Manuplex provides longwall support services to some of the biggest names in underground mining across Australia.

From the installation and removal of longwall components, to maintenance with minimal downtime and emergency response, we’ll keep the coal moving.

We help clients overcome the challenges of longwall mining using our invaluable on-site experience and innovative products.

Manuplex constantly reviews our training to make sure teams are able to apply the latest industry standards and use best practice techniques.

Outbye Support Services

Our expert teams have a proven track record supplying and installing outbye infrastructure for Australian mines, for over a decade in the Bowen Basin.

We look at the full project life cycle, to deliver:

  • Engineering, design and certification
  • Testing
  • Maintenance, repairs and labour

Our underground teams are constantly trained in line with the latest industry standards, ensuring the best global practices are applied to your mine.

Development Support Services

Manuplex’s teams of qualified on-site trades are available for supplementary labour hire – to install upgrades, perform maintenance or just support your crews with backfill or holiday rotations.

We know underground mining, so you can trust you’re getting experienced site staff that can get the job done.