“Trusted for over a decade, our values are at the core of our successful long-term relationships with major mining companies.

– Glen Donnellan, Director

We’ll never compromise on our values – we do things safely, respectfully and ultimately with a focus on your productivity.”

– Matt Jurkic, Director

Manuplex Values


In the pursuit of safety, Manuplex understands we need to stay healthy as people, as a team, and as an enterprise. Our awareness of best practice in all our operations and management helps us anticipate and manage what could go wrong before it does, whether that’s on-site – or human factors off-site, like our physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.

Safety is a chain that is dependent on its weakest link, and Manuplex chooses never to be that link.


Our systems are proven to give efficient, consistent results.

This is why we avoid taking time or using muscle when a tool could do a job better or faster. The same applies whether that tool is mental or physical. Efficiency is simply our ratio of output to input. Manuplex strives to always increase the efficiency ratio knowing that in doing so, we save time, cost, effort and raise the rewards of what we do.


At Manuplex, innovation means acting to maintain relevance to our market and our clients.

We ensure we offer value for money – and we seek it ourselves.

Manuplex is always looking for cost savings for clients and ourselves, asking “how can we do more with less?” We seek diversity in our operations too. This spreads risk and helps us broaden the services we offer. Repeat business is Manuplex’s indicator that we are delivering innovation to our clients.


Manuplex values loyalty, so we aim to understand our clients’ point of view before asking them to understand ours. We listen to your whole message – written, verbal, and ‘unsaid’ things like body language too. Manuplex is transparent in what we say and do, which means if we don’t intend to do something, we’ll show you respect and either say so, or say nothing (but without leaving doubt that you might).

Respect is two-way. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t start with us.


Manuplex is committed to making quick decisions.

To do this, we invest in our people and expect them to invest in themselves. This creates opportunities for our people to accept responsibility. When they do, we empower them with authority to act on our behalf, and in line with our clients’ best interests. Manuplex reviews and upgrades our knowledge, skills and systems constantly to make sure our decisions are right decisions.