Controlling strata is essential in maintaining mine stability and providing a safe working environment for your team.

From our industry-leading Manucan roof support system, to our cavity fill solutions and high-quality cement products, Manuplex can provide a simple and safe operating environment.

Our strata support prioritises a dustless approach wherever possible. Our R&D department is dedicated to dustless technology and is currently developing safer, better shotcrete to reduce bounceback and waste.

Strata Support Products


Our flagship product, the Manucan, is the strongest secondary roof support can in the global market. It’s twice as quick to install as its nearest competitor. At just 50kg per unit, the Manucan is an outstanding lightweight and long-lasting solution for roof support.

The Manucan is Australian designed, manufactured and installed, as well as compliant to ISO9001.

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Cavity Fill System

Manuplex runs a purpose-built grout blender designed for continuous operation in cavity filling. We maximise efficiency by using alternating batching and delivery systems, with a dust suppression focus.

The statistics:

  • Pumps up to 1000m
  • Delivers 80m3 of grout in an 8-hour shift
  • Auger-free for simplified operation and reduced maintenance
  • Engineered with vacuum-assisted dust suppression

Our cavity fill system can be mobilised on any site within a few days, even remote or unestablished sites. Thanks to our in-house supplied flexible power, air and water supply solutions, we can run the system at:

  • surface remote sites with no facilities
  • established surface sites
  • the start of a panel entry
  • any job site location underground

Our Cavity Fill experts use Manuplex’s HydraGrout 1000 product to provide a cost-effective solution. This is our in-house blend of grout – a single component shrinkage compensated Cellular Cementitious-based product.

Cement Products

Manuplex locally manufactures and supplies our own high-quality cement products for underground mining applications, developed by our expert R&D teams for cost-effective and safe application.

All cement products are available in 20kg bags, or 1-1.2 tonne bulk bags, shipped from our Australian manufacturing site.

Cement Render

We supply professional renders with excellent application properties.


Our ready-to-use Portland Cement shotcrete is perfect for wet mix applications.

Microfine Cement

Our ground-to-order hydraulic cement can be used for injectable grouts or cement additive.

High Yield Grout

Our high yield grout (HYG) is an economical void filler for seals, stoppings, dams, gate roads and longwalls.


Available in both normal and dust-free dry spray shotcretes.

Strata Consolidation Services

In addition to supplying our high-quality products and innovative application systems, Manuplex has teams of qualified and site-ready personnel to perform strata consolidation.

Trusted by major Bowen Basin miners, our products are effective because our teams are the ones applying them underground.

We’ll work with the existing infrastructure at your site and apply our expertise to maintain the integrity of your mine’s strata support.