Only Manuplex offers both the local manufacturing and underground installation of Ventilation Control Devices (VCD) with a focus on innovative and cost effective VCD solutions.

Combined with a comprehensive database of VCD designs, certifications and onsite experience, we can help navigate clients through any mining difficulty.

Expert Knowledge
Manuplex offers technical expertise during all stages of a project. From tendering through to application, our experienced underground teams and management provide ventilation strategies and solutions tailored to any mine.

At Manuplex we provide a balance of personnel with the current ventilation competencies inclusive of RiiMCU212D Construct & Maintain Basic Ventilation Devices. We are constantly reviewing and innovating our training needs to the latest industry standards.

Ventilation Supply
Manuplex keeps a wide range of stock items including mine plasters and grouts, overcasts, man-doors, machine doors, regulators and various VCD consumables at our Rockhampton facility.

Our capability to supply from factory to site, ensures your mine has the insurance policy it needs to stay focused on production and safety while we control the supply and installation of VCD’s.

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Manuplex is the leading supplier of complete Ventilation solutions to the mining sector in Australia both in supply and installation.


We supply and manufacture our own products including all aspects of design, certification, technical advice, testing and engineering.

  • Supply and Installation of all Ventilation Control Devices –
  • Water Resistant Gypsum Sprayed (20 & 50 psi) Seals
  • Grout Seals ( if requested )
  • Water rated seals
  • Rated and unrated stoppings (2, 5 , 10 psi)
  • Overcasts
  • Underpasses
  • Man Doors (5psi)
  • Machine Doors ( air kits supplied)
  • Regulators
  • Coffin Seals
  • Ladders , ramps , belt over/underpasses
  • Manufacture of all VCD’s
  • Design and Certification
  • Engineering
  • Testing

Strata Consolidation 

  • Currently supporting Central Qld Mines
  • Specialists to conduct services from Ventilation crews
  • Supported by Industry leaders in the supply of all Polymetric resins and Cement Injection
  • Onsite & Emergency Equipment Supply
  • Product variety and applications to suit any mine requirement