The Manuplex Dustless Plaster Pump eliminates 95% of the dust created by plaster spraying during VCD component construction in underground mines.

This project was named a finalist in the 2022 Queensland Mining Awards Safety Category, peer-recognised as leading the industry in safety results.

Combining hands-on experience, design innovation and project management expertise, our collaborative group, Manuplex, Glencore and AMM Product Development, produced a new plaster pump that will redefine mine working conditions forever.

We researched, designed, fabricated, refined and tested the Dustless Plaster Pump without external funding or obligation. The product is successful, unique, and patented.

Every component was examined minutely. Then we innovated to solve problems like technician safety, manual handling, noise, environmental and health hazards, time lost by blockages and frequent maintenance – and more. The results include: 

  • Increased visibility, reduced inhalants, no exclusion zones required
  • 50% faster set-up
  • Pumps four times faster than any competitor
  • Increased capacity to complete standard roadway seal in one operation, cutting time by 25%
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Reduced injury risk during component changeouts
  • Minimal noise and vibration production, allowing safer communications.

About the Project

Since 2011, Manuplex has been pioneering the supply of rugged, fit-for-purpose, affordable VCDs and consumables to the Bowen Basin. Working alongside miners, we understand the constant hazards and limitations. 

Working at Glencore’s Oaky Creek Underground North site, we independently decided to attack the dust problem – putting our ‘money where our mouth is’ and demonstrating Manuplex’s values that put people first.

The project has never been contractually or commercially driven and began purely as Manuplex’s response to improving mine conditions and creating the safest possible workplace. So even before the Safety Reset in Queensland mining, we brainstormed mitigation solutions working from the strengths and experience of our team. We improved many administrative controls, but quickly realised that the best solution required rigorous re-engineering of the entire pump mechanism. 

The result is the Manuplex Dustless Pump, with hopper and handpiece – reliable, fast delivery, with 95% reduced dust production.

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