The Dustless Initiative

Manuplex has a clear focus on building the next generation of dustless technology. Why? Because we know underground mining, and we want to make the underground environment as safe as possible. Our R&D and product development teams are constantly looking for ways to improve and re-engineer the tools and equipment used every day to maintain the operations of an underground coal mine.

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Our Dustless Plaster Pump reduces airborne contaminants by 95%.

About Manuplex

Founded in the Bowen Basin in 2011, Manuplex developed unique capabilities as underground mining specialists.

Since then, we’ve formed valued partnerships with a wide range of clients. Today, Manuplex supplies comprehensive trade services and bespoke, industry-leading products to the mining, construction and defence industries.

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Careers at Manuplex

Experience you never thought possible. Opportunities to take you anywhere. Trade, engineering, project management and administration: a career with Manuplex can open doors.

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What’s new at Manuplex

A new 50 Psi final hatch – engineered by Manuplex

Manuplex have innovated a new way to seal 50 Psi hatches, based on our mine ventilation and closure work in the Bowen Basin. This design was created completely in-house, and is simple, safe and effective – changing and constantly challenging the way that ‘it’s always been done’.